SYSPRO AUTOMATION is taking part in the EU-funded Horizon Europe project CHEERS (topic HORIZON-CL6-2021-CIRCBIO-01-05). As of a new biorefinery concept, inspired by nature’s biodiversity (microbial platforms) with the objective of revalorising underutilised or waste secondary streams such as CH4 from the brewing industry for conversion into innovative bio-based products that are competitive at market level. The sustainable transformation processes using innovative biological platforms inspired by nature will be validated on a demonstration scale.

SYSPRO AUTOMATION offers a modular solution where bio-based industries can configure their optimal combination by selecting from 2 novel biotechnological routes that generate 2 bioproducts for industrial applications, with attractive market opportunities: microbial protein and ectoine. All CHEERS value chains are based on new bioprocesses and/or innovative biofermenters combined with sustainable transformation processes, which will be validated at demonstration scale in an industrial brewery. Ultimately, a reduction of the carbon footprint will be achieved in each value chain.

“Our role within the project is perform the microbial conversion of CH4 to single cell protein (SCP) and ectoin.” Syspro.

Basic and detailed engineering of the demonstration units for microbial CH4 conversion is done with the design of a forced circulation loop bioreactor with internal gas recycling for SCP and a Taylor flow bioreactor with internal gas recirculation to improve CH4 mass transfer to ectoine.

Commencing on September 1st, 2022, the CHEERS project spans a duration of four years and involves collaboration with partners from five different countries. Through its active participation, SYSPRO AUTOMATION aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable practices in biorefinery processes, fostering innovation and market competitiveness while addressing environmental concerns.