The brewery sector is a clear example of bio-based industries where large amounts of low-value or underused organic solid by-products such as bagasse, wastewater, and biogenic gases such as CO2 and methane (CH4), are underused or even a wastage of valuable carbon, which represents unique and unexploited business opportunities.

Therefore, the presence of Mahou San Miguel (feedstock provider), Aqualia (disinfectant user), Proteinsecta (insect producer) and Symrise AG (cosmetic ingredients manufacturer) within the CHEERS consortium will support the development of new biotechnology-based value chains, thus help bringing new bio-based products closed to the market. The expected results from CHEERS have the potential to be implemented in other bio-based industries (Food & Beverage, bioethanol, biogas, wastewater, and waste treatment).

CHEERS biorefinery conversion bioprocesses are inspired and supported by natural biological processes engineered into 2 innovative bio-based conversion platforms: insect and microbial-based. End-users of CHEERS ingredients will be mainly companies using these products as feedstocks for other industrial processes as human nutrition, sanitation, animal feed, petfood, and cosmetics.

Mahou San Miguel is the project coordinator and exploitation leader jointly with 11 partners of 5 European countries, including technology suppliers, end-users, and research entities.

CHEERS will develop a novel concept which will contribute to a “zero-waste” biorefinery approach. All CHEERS value chains are based on new bioprocesses and innovative biofermentors combined with sustainable downstream processes, which will be validated at demo scale at an industrial brewery. This approach is fully aligned with the EU Green Deal, Circular Economy Action Plan and the Bioeconomy Strategy, and foster the understanding of biotechnology-based value chains through the engagement of relevant actors, from small bio-based industries to consumers.