CHEERS project participated in the “Coffee with Science” seminars organized by The Institute of Sustainable Processes (University of Valladolid). This dissemination activity is an opportunity for ISP´s researchers to show their ongoing projects and share their experiences with other researchers. In this last session, the ISP-UVa CHEER´s team presented an overview of the project, their objectives, activities and progress in recent months.

This “Coffee with science” took place in the installations of the UVa´s Industrial Engineering School, in Valladolid, with approximately 70 participants from ISP, including senior and young researchers. Raúl Muñoz was in charge of introducing the project, presenting the different partners and explaining in general the objectives and different strategies for waste valorization within CHEERS platforms. Also, Raquel Herrero, Andrés Torres, and Marta Sánchez presented the results and advances obtained at laboratory scale. The seminar took place in a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere in which at the end of the talk, several attendees showed their interest in the project, asking about general questions.