In the pursuit of a sustainable brewing industry, the CHEERS consortium gathered once again for its second General Assembly during 25th – 26th of January, this time in Alovera, Spain.

On the first day, participants were greeted with a warm welcome and a presentation showcasing the cutting-edge infrastructure of Mahou-San Miguel Alovera Facilities. This set the stage for a day filled with innovation and exploration. During the morning, our colleagues from Proteinsecta and Aqualia shared insights on project advances. A brief pause allowed for informal networking, fostering connections that might lead to future collaborations. Participants recharged over coffee, preparing for the afternoon session.

The afternoon unfolded with presentations from Work Packages 4, 5, and 6, emphasizing integration, bio-based product development, and environmental impact. These sessions provided a comprehensive overview of the diverse research endeavors within CHEERS project.

The day took a culinary interlude, providing a relaxed setting for participants to discuss morning presentations, fostering a collaborative spirit. The scientific discussions culminated with presentations from Work Packages 7 and 8, focusing on communication, dissemination, and effective project management, led by AINIA, Innovarum, and Earthwatch, ensuring the consortium’s findings reached a broader audience.


The second day commenced with a return to Mahou – San Miguel Alovera’s Facilities, setting the stage for continued exploration. Participants engaged in an immersive experience, witnessing firsthand the processes and innovations taking place within the Factory. The day progressed with reporting on the project’s achievements, followed by coordination meetings among various work packages. This collaborative effort ensured seamless integration and progress within CHEERS. The agenda concluded with lunch, providing participants an opportunity to reflect on the insights gained over the two-day event, fostering a sense of unity and purpose within the consortium.

The results and synergies discussed during this meeting will be published over the next months, so stay tuned to our website and be the first one to know how we are changing the beer industry.